Saturday, 31 December 2011

Taipei 101 & Ding Tai Feng

Don't you just hate it when you are out and about but the weather just sucks by covering up the sun and you can't even get a decent shot of anything?? So, there you go, standing in full glory under the dark clouds, Taipei 101.

If you need more info on this magnificent skyscraper (height, location, its tenants, architecture etc...) then go ahead to wiki / google / youtube it, I'm sure there's sufficient info instead of getting them from me ^_^

But I can tell you, the elevator ride up is totally exhilarating. The elevators go from the 5 -> 89 floor in 37 seconds, reaching a speed of 1010 meters per minute which is totally unbelievable. Why aren't there technology like these in Malaysia??

Went to Ding Tai Feng to have a snack (well, not exactly snack but more of dinner). Wasn't that hungry hence only 2 dishes of food.

And I must say, although I'm a lady, I still find that the services of those waitresses at Ding Tai Feng is absolutely excellent. They greet/welcome/speak with a soft & gently voice that's strong enough to melt any icy hearts. Bowing curteously at 30deg to you when you pass by them, the rush of being treated like that is un-substitude-able (is there even this word?) in anywhere else in the world (well, maybe except for Japan)

Oh, by the way, that's Hua Diao Chicken (Chicken in Chinese Wine) which tasted a bit bitter (but accomodates well with in my mouth if added to some soy sauce) but excellent meat texture is worth trying. If I'm not mistaken, its listed a starter dish as it was served cold.

The ever famous Ding Tai Feng Xiao Long Pao (Some chinese dumpling with broth in it). To be honest, I'm not quite a fan of xiao long bao but this passed the satisfactory line. Skin although fairly thin, but strong enough to hold its contents. The broth in these little thingy tasted nice too. Thumbs up from me.

So, that pretty much sums up my trip to Taipei. Took me about 10++ posts to get them pictures all up.... Phew, what a job... In conclusion, this trip is pretty much up-to-my-standard-of-backpack-touring (if not for me down with serious flu, I woulda enjoyed myself more) and its just an eating trip all the way...

Will definitely go back to Taiwan for me but this time round, Imma visit the central and the southern continent.

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